Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Ignatius Paul Newington

Fresh-from-the-womb Tuesday the 18th of September at 10.16am, Joshua and I held our son in shaky arms for the first time. I thought there would be more tears on my part, but there was mostly wimpering amidst laughter for me at the incredible gift of birth we had just partaken in. We feel amazing blessed by the whole experience. My labour was short and sweet, actually sweet might not be the right word, it was an amazingly intense experience but truly great to see my body doing what it was designed to do. The creation and sustaining of a new life inside my body is really completely miraculous - that God should allow me this is truly an honour! I could go on and on... We are all healthy and happy. We gave birth at home as hoped, attended by two brilliant midwives and have been overwhelmed with delicious homemade casseroles and treats in all shapes and sizes from our wonderful community and adopted family here as well as love from our family in Australia. Adoring-mother My-2-boys-sleeping Boys-in-the-morning Iggy-and-flowers Iggy's-hand-curled-up Iggy's-beautiful-lips Ig-sleeping-soundly Iggy's-long-toes Iggy-going-to-church Marvellous-Nancy Matt-and-Ignatius I'm hoping to write down our birth story soon in some detail. But for the moment I hope these pictures with suffice.


  1. Oh Sharolyn! So so glad and happy for you! Congratulations! What a blessing it is to have a birth experience that you can be joyful and thankful for. Ignatius is beautiful! Eight months into life with my little boy and I can say, being a mama is the best thing, and baby boys are marvellous! Praying for you as you babymoon and transition into life as a family of three xx emily


    Very handsome and nicely cooked baby! Thank you for sharing such beautiful pictures.

    I have always expected to cry when I see my babies for the first time but never have. I'm usually just completely awe-struck.

    Oh, I am so so happy for you!

  3. Thank you for sharing in our joy ladies!


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