Saturday, September 8, 2012


Peony-squarish These beautiful ladies deserve a post of their own. After the winter ground had thawed this peony plant came back from hibernation. I love that about spring here - everything is bare in winter, and so when green shoots start to show their faces, it is all a surprise as to what will be in the garden. (Well it has been for us at least as we've been in a different house for each spring). This peony plant flowered in June when mum and dad were visiting. It is such a gift to be able to enjoy something so beautiful that was planted by others. I have also planted some peonies and other bulbs, that did not flower this year, but I hope will be appreciated by future tenants at the 'treehouse'. I think flowers are a lovely legacy to leave, don't you? Peony-buds Peonies Peony

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  1. so beautiful! I love how delicate and paperie peonies are!


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