Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Jess + Ryan

putting-necklace-on flower-buds-in-jar pews flowers-and-booklet Rudi-and-Loren window-sill Jess-and-Ryan Ryan's-mum flower-girl,-Jess-with-dad musicians Jess-looking-out communion-and-wheat flower-girls-hands inside-the-church communion-table grampa-praying about-to-kiss the-kiss married Loren bright-box bright-box-laughing urban-farm Anya-and-Ryan food head-table beer-and-board roasted-sunchoke-soup soup dancing What a wonderful wedding! I started getting to know Jess, and enjoying our talks on the drive north when a few girls from the neighborhood started carpooling to school, and I met Ryan when I helped with the wheat harvest I posted about here. Ryan is one of the Urban Pilgrim Farm(ers) the (faded) sign speaks of. Not only was he highly involved with the planting and harvesting of the wheat, much of which featured in the wedding, Ryan also grew most of the ingredients for the food served at the reception including all of the sunchokes for the soup, which was prepared by both families a day or two before. Ryan also made the communion wine. Which was absolutely scrumptious from the tiny taste I had. There were so many beautiful little touches like this which made the day rich with meaning and symbolism. And it really was great to see what a community event it was. I'm so pleased to have shared the day with these two and their friends and families and I'm genuinely excited for them in the adventures that await them together. An enormous thankyou to Sara who also helped photograph during the ceremony.


  1. Beautiful! I love your spring post! Brambly Hedge I love it too :))
    Enjoy the beginnings of spring, God bless, :) Martine

  2. Lovely photo's You should be proud of them!


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