Friday, February 10, 2012

Forbidden fruit

One thing I miss about home is the citrus. We had an amazing lime tree in our back yard that seemed to produce enough limes for us to use them daily, year-round, in every way imaginiable, and still be giving them away each week as well. Here in Vancouver you can buy citrus of course, but it all comes up from California. A couple of things over the past year have taught me, and reinforced in me a passion for the importance of eating locally and seasonally and enjoying produce in it's time and place. That means no bananas, mango, pineapples, avocados or citrus for a time. But in return, I get to enjoy all of the beautiful local fruit and vegetables that wont grow in humid Brisbane - things like the summer berries galore. At the moment the winter market vegetables here mainly consist of beets and potatoes (and a few more things), but a few months of these staples is absolutely worth it for the excitement that spring and summer bring with their abundance.

Anyhow, this is all very important to me, but today I gave in. And bought these gorgeous looking things from California. A treat. A vitamin C boost for this grey day.


  1. I'm so glad you're my friend and that you're coming over for pizza tonight!!

    Plus I love your photos! And that I can read the word sin on your journal under the forbidden fruit! Awesome!

  2. Ha ha. We love you Nancy. I'm excited for pizza too. Just wait til you see the artichokes we have!

  3. Just simply stunning photography Sharolyn!


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