Thursday, November 10, 2011

Granulated white sugar snow

sparkles-on-twigI love the way untouched snow sparkles in the sunlight. Like finely granulated white sugar. sparkles-in-focus
Last Sunday we visited Cypress Mountain to collect our ski/snow-board passes and to see the first snow of the winter. We walked a trail I had been on with my school kids a month or so earlier. Now the track was icy and the lake was frozen over. The yew trees are beginning to bow under the delightful burden of snow. It's still fall in the city, but winter has arrived in the mountains! As we've been dedicating our Sunday Sabbaths to ceasing from work and study, resting and celebration, Sunday is also our day to explore creation. This Sunday we hope to get back on our snowboards again - Yipee.


  1. snow! how nice, i wish i were there too.
    Is it much colder there than australia?

  2. It is such a treat for me too Coco. It does snow in the south of Australia (though I've never seen it) but never in Brisbane where I am from. Brisbane winters are chilly at night-time but are sunny and beautiful during the day. Perfect picnic weather- a little bit like Vancouver summers...

  3. oh look at that snow sparkle! how precious Showie. Enjoy it for me while I swelter over here x


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