Monday, October 10, 2011


Last night we had a thanksgiving dinner in our home. Our (Josh and myself's) first Thanksgiving and hopefully not our last! It was fun to all pitch in. Steve made a beautiful roast turkey and some yam mash, Matt made delicous stock and stuffing from scratch, Josh whipped up a gravy (using said stock and delicious juices) and I tried my hand at a cranberry and jalapeno sauce and some potatoes. Jen arrived back from a big weekend away in New Orleans (gifts in hand!) to a warm house wafting of home-baked joy. Someone read this poem which was perfect for the occasion.

We give You thanks
for You sustain us
with real food
and real drink.
You nourish us with friends
as real as food
with joy as clear as water
with love as good as this meal.
This is enough.
We do not ask for more.
This is more than enough
reason to bless Your name Forever.
Make us always mindful of those
who do not have enough food
and friendship
water and love and joy.
Give them enough
that they too may be thankful

Mary Jo Leddy from Radical Gratitude


Some other photos from Thanksgiving long weekend (Canadian date is about a month earlier than the US). The bean photos are of Steve roasting coffee !! on our (currently messy) back deck. Imagine that, home-roasted coffee! Oh and the pictures at the top are my first fall experiences captured. Have I ever mentioned I love the seasons?!


  1. Lovely pictures and words, Shazzy! Love it, love our home and our family. :)

  2. i have never seen home roasted coffee. it seems fun!
    does he work at coffee shop? ha.

  3. Hi COCO, I hadn't either until we moved in with these guys! Steve is actually a poet, writer, theology student and painter by trade who is passionate about coffee. He roasts the green beans in a popcorn maker I think, and then we grind it freshly at home in a 1960's grinder which is a lot of fun.


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