Thursday, July 21, 2011

Afternoon tea in the garden

In her last week visiting Lisa and I took a day trip to the beautiful (world renowned) Butchard Gardens on Vancouver Island. It was a delightful way to spend the day, wandering around like ladies and it wouldn't have been complete without a posh afternoon tea overlooking the lawn. See that centre table in the last picture, well that was ours, the best in the house. It was so lovely to be waited on by staff who treated us like royalty (just about).

And what really topped the day off for me aside from glorious flowers, delicous food and wonderful Lisa (which really was more than enough excitement), was reading Pride and Prejudice on the bus/barge/bus trip over and back again (it takes a few hours there and a few hours back!). I really half expected Mr Darcy to walk out onto the grass at any moment. Though I have seen the BBC series of the Jane Austen classic this was my first attempt at the book. I half expected the language would be barrier to my simpleton mind but it was not at all a problem. I loved it and couldn't put it down, and the BBC series really does do it justice. Reading all about the mysterious Mr Darcy really just made me appreciate my own mysterious and charming Mr Newington. I feel a bit like a real life Lizzy (minus the annoying sisters, impossible mother and Pemberley mansion). 
BTW If you're wondering what we did with Catherine on this particular day she opted for theological books over flowers (?!?) and spent the day nerding it up at Regent and UBC.


  1. these photos are gorgeous sharolyn! i've got to make it out to butchart gardens one of these days. going to email you in just a minute about jw stuff :) and so glad you found me over at the ty cards shop - thanks for your nice comments!

  2. Dear Sharolyn. These photos are absolutely beautiful! You're inspirint me to pull out the 'big camera' and go photograph something :)

  3. what a beautiful afternoon you two had! im sure mum will be jealous of this. stunning photos, and im glad that you captured that busy little humming bird hard at work. those things are amazing!

  4. The gardens really were beautiful and sharolyn that afternoon really was a highlight for me :) I reacently printed out my photos of the trip and hove so many lovely flower photos from the gardens I dont know what to do with them.

  5. I love this garden....I love cool climate gardens and this one is spectacular! Thanks for sharing it


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