Thursday, February 17, 2011


2010 May Us by Aron
Photo taken at Chris and Charlie's wedding last year by Aron

I boycotted Valentines Day this year (and maybe the last couple). I asked Josh please not to buy me any overly arranged flowers or too sweet chocolates or furry synthetic teddy bears. Instead we planned to go to brunch together. But I spoilt the plans by waking up in a bad mood and tears before breakfast. Like a child I am easily distracted from my self pity by a silly dance and then Josh went to the local market for a few supplies. We ate breakfast in. My mood cheered. And we went out for Vietnamese around the corner at night. I'm certainly not opposed to love, or expressions of love, I'd just rather not support the consumerist culture we live in. I'd rather gifts were given with spontaneity ANY day of the year.

Thanks for loving me in all my difficultness Joshua!

POSTSCRIPT EDIT: Maybe I am too much of a stickler, I'm not sure. Anyhow, my lovely Joshua bought me some tulips post Valentines day and tonight he's cooking a vegetarian vindaloo mmmmmmm.

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