Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Recent creations

I have been trying to save seeds from my garden and storing them in various packets I find. I had been meaning to buy some little envelopes to store them in and label them more neatly and then had this idea. I used a template to make these little envelopes from recycled magazine pages. They were free to make, and 100% recycled. Perhaps a packet of seeds like this would be a lovely gift for other garden enthusiasts. Also some envelopes for letters made from pages of a thrown-away picture book.
seed envelopes
A friend Elaine came over and we drew as we chatted. This is a passionfruit flower. I want to do more drawings like this - spontaneously and without over-thinking things. Learning to see better. Practise is how we get better at things after all.
leaf pattern
passionfruit flower


  1. i rember that day it was good your such a talented woman who i am glad to know we should do it again one day


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