Sunday, July 26, 2015

May, Junia, July

Junia is born!-0014
I gave birth to this beautiful little girl on the 26th of May.
We called her Junia Theosebia.
Here are our days together;
The mornings are cool. The sky is so blue. We soak in the sunshine gladly. We picnic.
Flowers are bountiful. Good food is abundant. Life is full and messy and rich. I am grateful. Junia is born!-0041 Junia is born!-0057 Junia is born!-0066 28th May-0099
30th May-0198 30th May-0191 29th May-0183 30th May-0222 1st June-0233 Junia and Iggy with stripes-0009 28th May-0109 Turkey, cranberry, brie -0010 1st June-0235 28th May-0137
Showies birthday in the park-0058 Showies birthday in the park-0075 Showies birthday in the park-0091 10th June walk outside-0205 10th June walk outside-0189 bath with Dad 9th June-0150 bath with Dad 9th June-0125 30th May-0225 Junia is born!-0044 30th May-0216 Bedroom-0025 20150711_0117 _DSC0108 _DSC0107 _DSC0126 _DSC0049 _DSC0007 _DSC0057 20150716_0001 _DSC0002 Moffatt beach-0020